huda city center

The traffic police on Wednesday said that the main road opposite Huda City Centre Metro station and Fortis Hospital will be closed from Saturday, to facilitate the construction of a flyover and an underpass.

Police said that to ensure smooth traffic flow during the construction work, they have introduced multiple diversions. In a statement, the police said, “People traveling from Signature Tower to Sushant Lok should take the left turn from the T-point of Sector 29 and pass through Sector 29 and then take the right turn from the traffic signal.” After moving about 100 meters further, commuters would have to take a left turn.

“People driving from Kanhai to Subhash Chowk should take the left turn after crossing the CNG pump. Thereafter, they have to pass through Sector 44 and take the road towards Subhash Chowk by taking the left turn from Ramada traffic signal,” the police statement read.

Traffic police added that the vehicles moving from Subhash Chowk towards Signature Tower will continue using the existing slip road to reach their destination. Vehicles moving from Iffco Chowk towards Subhash Chowk should take a right turn towards Sector 29 from the fire station traffic signal and take the left turn towards Signature Tower road and, move along the barricades and take the right turn from Huda City Centre.