u turn

Two U-turns will be made to completely eliminate traffic pressure from Hero Honda Chowk. A U-turn will be made before the Chowk when coming from Delhi and the second before the Chowk from Manesar. Repair of the flyover will be started only after both U-turns are made. After widening the first service lane, the flyover repair work was to begin. The traffic police felt that the traffic jam on the square would become dire as soon as traffic was diverted on the service lane. For this, it is necessary to make two U-turns back and forth from the square. With this, the vehicles coming from Delhi, which have to turn towards Gurugram city, will turn before the Chowk. Similarly, if the vehicles coming from Manesar have to turn towards Kherikadola toll then they will also turn before the Chowk.

Flyovers and underpasses have been built at Hero Honda Chowk located at Delhi-Gurugram Expressway. Even after this, the pressure of traffic has not completely dissipated. It is necessary to make two U-turns. Now, when a part of the flyover is disturbed due to diverting traffic on the service lane, making a U-turn has become urgent. In view of this, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has started preparations. The flyover traffic will be diverted to the service lane as soon as both U-turns are completed. After this, flyover repair will begin. One part of the flyover will be broken 15 meters

The pit was built on May 8 this year in a flyover at Hero Honda Chowk (from Jaipur to Delhi side). This is the second time within a year. According to the investigation report, there will be a total of 15 meters broken back and forth on the part of the flyover where there are disturbances. The flyover will take at least 45 days to build from breaking.

Hero Honda Chowk is one of the main crossroads in the city, which is under heavy traffic pressure. It is suggested that emphasis should be made on making a U-turn first, as the traffic problem does not become serious as soon as traffic diverts a part of the flyover.

-Himanshu Garg, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), work to build two U-Turns near Gurugram Chowk will be started soon. Preparations for this has been started. Responsibility has also been assigned to a company. Only after the U-turn is made will the traffic of the flyover be diverted to the service lane.